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Sorry: That Texas court webpage is no longer active

If you’ve landed on this blog page, the odds are that you tried to click an older link that would no longer have worked.

Beginning in 2012, some Texas appellate courts have shifted to a new docket-management system called TAMES that has dramatically changed where information is stored. Many older links to the website are now broken. Rather than send you to an error page on the court website, the blog sends you here so that you have a better explanation of what happened.

### Want to search the court website directly?

If you’d like, you can try to search for the case by name using the new search engine on the [Texas courts website](

### The bigger picture: How the blog is trying to deal with these changes

You can also read more about how these changes are affecting SCOTXblog in [this post from July 2012]( I have assembled a private copy of many resources from the Court’s website. As the Supreme Court also shifts to the new TAMES system, I will be updating links on the blog to take you to my copies of resources rather than a court error page.

— Don Cruse

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