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Making E-Briefs for the Texas Supreme Court 

As of February 15, 2010, every significant filing in the Texas Supreme Court must be accompanied by a PDF version that meets the Court’s specifications. You can read the Texas Supreme Court’s order on electronic briefing.

I gave an initial reaction to the shift toward e-briefs in this post from December 2009.

### How To Actually Make an E-Brief

I’ve put together a guide about how to make electronic briefs that satisfy the Texas Supreme Court rules. The guide also explains how you can use Adobe’s internal navigation features to make your briefs even more helpful to the Court.

You can download my Workflow for E-Briefs as a PDF, or if you prefer, you can grab the latest version on Google Docs.

### More Tips and Best Practices

On June 4, 2010, I spoke with Blake Hawthorne at the UT Advanced State and Federal Appeals CLE about some recent changes in electronic briefing rules and what they mean for appellate advocacy.

The paper that goes with our presentation is here. It covers the big picture, as well as some practical tips for improving your electronic briefs. Here are the slides from our talk.