Set for Argument
Week of September 23, 2019
Tuesday Sep 24
  • Clinton W. (“Buddy”) Pike, Sr., Daniel L. Walker, W. Tobin Wilson, VHSC Cement, LLC, and Few Ready Mix Concrete Co. v. Texas EMC Management, LLC, Texas EMC Products, LP, and EMC Cement, BV (No. 17-0557)
    Capacity •  Economic Damages •  Partnerships •  Standing
  • Office of the Attorney General of Texas v. Laura G. Rodriguez (No. 17-0970)
    Mitigation •  Whistleblower Act
  • Town of Shady Shores v. Sarah Swanson (No. 18-0413)
    Open Meetings •  Sovereign Immunity •  Summary Judgment
Thursday Sep 26
  • Teal Trading and Development, Lp v. Champee Springs Ranches Property Owners Association (No. 17-0736)
    Property •  Restrictive Covenants •  Standing
  • Guy James Gray v. Patricia Skelton (No. 18-0386)
    Legal Malpractice •  Limitations
  • Brian Erikson and Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C. v. Oscar Renda (No. 18-0486)
    Legal Malpractice •  Limitations