On the last day of its oral-argument sitting last week, the Court also requested briefing on the merits in a dozen cases.

Two of them drew amicus involvement at the petition stage:

  • Lowe v. Hernandez, No. 07-0574, from Fort Worth (2nd COA). An amicus submission was made by the Texas Alliance for Patient Access.

  • In re Honza, No. 08-0011, from Waco (10th COA). Two amicus letters were submitted, both pro se: one by Kendall Drew and another by Gary Harrison.

The other ten are:

  • Truckload Fireworks v. Morrow, No. 07-0362, from Eastland (11th COA)

  • The Cadle Co. v. Ortiz, No. 07-0497, from Corpus Christi (13th COA)

  • Nacogdoches County Hospital District v. Newman, No. 07-0588, from Tyler (12th COA)

  • Retamco Operating, Inc. v. Republic Drilling Co., No. 07-0599, from San Antonio (4th COA)

  • Seger v. Yorkshire Insurance Co., No. 07-0612, from Amarillo (7th COA)

  • City of Lubbock v. Nunez, No. 07-0655, from Amarillo (7th COA)

  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District v. Acosta, No. 07-0731, from Corpus Christi (13th COA)

  • In re Collins, No. 07-0737, from Tyler (12th COA)

  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice v. Mcelyea, No. 07-0754, from Austin (3rd COA)

  • R.C. Jones v. Rustin Transportation Co., No. 07-0851, from Houston (1st COA)