.39 Acres, .748 Acres, and .5 Acres (With Improvements) in the J. Johnson Survey, Marion County, Texas, and a .22 Caliber Ruger Semi-Automatic Pistol v. The State of Texas, No. 08-0356

“… a .22 Caliber Ruger Semi-Automatic Pistol v. The State of Texas.” That’s much jucier material than the typical insurance case up at the Court.

This comes from a petition for review filed yesterday that, as you may have guessed, is a forfeiture case. The background is summarized by Justice Mosely:

Some kind of establishment generally known in the area as the “Dew Drop Inn” was located in Marion County, Texas. The evidence adduced at trial never fully developed the nature of any overt legal business activity which was represented to the public to be conducted on the premises, but it is apparent that it was a gathering place of sorts and that it seemed to have been attractive to people having criminal records. Suffice it to say that, judging from the criminal records of the patrons of the business and Doke’s renters of the place, the Dew Drop Inn was never intended to be a competitor of the Chuck E. Cheese family fun restaurants.