With today’s orders list (earlier post), the Court also chose six cases for oral argument.

February 27, 2012

  • Wendell Reeder v. Wood County Energy, LLC; Wood County Oil & Gas, Ltd.; Nelson Operating, Inc.; Dekrfour, Inc.; Bobby Noble; Exzena Oil Corporation; David Fry And Patricia Fry, No. 10-0887. A case about the standard of care required of oilfield operators in relation to the mineral-rights holders.

  • Enbridge Pipelines (East Texas) L.P. v. Avinger Timber, LLC, No. 10-0950. A takings case about how the value of the property is measured. How do courts distinguish value that was already present in the property before the taking was announced versus any value added by the added to the property from the project itself?

  • In re the Office of the Attorney General, No. 11-0255. In this child support case, the question is whether the contempt remedy is still available when the parent makes payment after an enforcement hearing is noticed but before it is held. The State argues that the statute favors an ongoing punishment for those who did not pay timely before notice rather than the notice offering an additional incentive to submit payment before the hearing.

February 28, 2012

  • Susan Combs, Comptroller of Public Accounts of The State of Texas, and Greg Abbott, Attorney General of the State of Texas v. Roark Amusement and Vending, L.P., No. 11-0261. If you’ve been waiting for a case about those coin-operated machines where you try to maneuver a crane arm to grab a small plush toy, this really is your lucky day. Just don’t get too excited: it’s a tax case about whether the owner of a machine gets a refund on the sales tax they paid on the plush toys.

  • City Of North Richland Hills, Texas v. Laura Friend, Individually and as personal representative of the estate Of Sarah Friend, deceased and Luther Friend, individually, No. 11-0367. A case about the scope of the Tort Claims Act. Does it immunize government the against a claim that a defibrillator was not provided at a city water park?

Date to be determined

  • In re Stephanie Lee, No. 11-0732. The case asks about what discretion a trial court has to refuse to enter a mediated settlement agreement in a family-law case. (earlier post) The Court issued a stay, granting temporary relief. An oral argument date has not been announced.