Last week, I wrote about In re Loban, No. 08-0336 which was one of the few cases in which the Court had requested briefing in the past month.

This past week, the Court really made up for lost time, requesting full briefing in eighteen cases. I guess that makes Memorial Day Weekend a little happier for the petitioners (although maybe not for the associates on these cases.)

For the curious, or those who are wondering what issues the Court is considering seriously enough to take a second look, a list of the cases follows the jump.

I’m not promising to classify the requests into groups again, but here’s a try:

Tort cases

  • Abrazo Adoption Assocs. v. Carla Campbell, No. 08-0046

    Suit against an adoption agency for failing to disclose the medical condition of an adopted baby

  • Griffin, L.L.C. v. Adobe Land Corp., No. 07-0992

    A products-liability case about Trillin, a fertilizer additive.

  • Fort Brown Villas III Condominium Assoc. v. Gillenwater, No. 07-1028

    Premises liability case about an accident at the community pool

Condemnation damages

  • State of Texas v. Bristol Hotel Asset Co., No. 07-0896

    An appeal about expert testimony about the measure of damages in a condemnation action

  • State of Texas v. Cent. Expw’y Sign Assocs., No. 08-0061

    Another appeal about expert testimony about the measure of damages in a condemnation action

Medical expert reports on interlocutory appeal

  • Bismar v. Morehead, No. 08-0009

    The court of appeals held that an inadequate medical-expert report could not be challenged by interlocutory appeal

  • Baylor Univ. Med. Ctr. v. Biggs, No. 07-1063

    The court of appeals agreed with the hospital that the medical-expert report was inadequate but remanded for the trial court to consider whether to grant an extension. The hospital now apparently seeks rendition.

  • In re Buster, No. 08-0125

    A case about extensions of time to file medical-expert reports.

Appealability, indigency, etc.

  • In re F.C.G., No. 07-0882

    The court of appeals held that, because a parent failed to file a “statement of points” challenging the order terminating their parental rights, error was not preserved.

  • Harrell v. State of Texas, No. 07-0806

    A case about the appealability of orders involving an inmate’s trust fund. I mentioned the case in this earlier post about the Court’s pro bono referral program..

  • In re B.G., No. 07-0960

    Appeal of an order denying indigency status to a parent whose parental rights were terminated

Insurance coverage

  • Diatom Drilling Co. v. Yorkshire Ins. Co., No. 07-0782

    Whether a CGL insurance policy’s “Leased-In Employee/Worker” exclusion applies to excuse the insurer from coverage for a claim brought by a worker formally employed by a related corporation and leased to Diatom


  • Lowell v. City of Baytown, No. 07-1011

    A case about whether firefighters’ claims are barred by immunity and whether they should be given leave to amend

  • Tex. Parks & Wildlife Dep’t v. The Sawyer Trust, No. 07-0945

    A case seeking declaratory relief against the State for various property- and water-law questions; the State contends it is barred by sovereign immunity. The court of appeals appears to hold that no request for money damages means no immunity at all.

  • Zachry Constr. Corp. v. Tex. A&M Univ., No. 07-1050

    A case about whether sovereign immunity prevents the State from being listed as a “responsible third party” in one of the tort suits arising from the Texas A&M bonfire collapse

Other cases

  • City of Desoto v. White, No. 07-1031

  • Ditta v. Conte, No. 07-1026

  • In re Lynch, No. 08-0117