Today is election day for three members of the Texas Supreme Court, and the early returns (with 23% of the vote counted at 9:15 p.m.) show them each coasting toward re-election.

For place 3, Debra Lehrmann (61.77%) leads Jim Sharp (35.63%). For place 5, Paul Green (61.92%) leads Bill Moody (35.35%). And for place 9, Eva Guzman (62.04%) leads Blake Bailey (34.15%).

Those numbers are fairly similar to the current statewide totals for other Republican incumbents, with the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and other incumbents with contested races (other than the Governor) with totals in the 61% to 65% range. The governor’s race is only slightly tighter, with Rick Perry over 57%.

(I’m posting a few other election-related thoughts on the blog’s twitter feed as things unfold. I’ll also have a wrap-up post tomorrow.)