Some of you may have noticed that there were other election contests yesterday, including some down-ballot elections in Texas.

There were two contested primaries for slots on the Texas Supreme Court, both on the Democratic side. According to the latest numbers from the Secretary of State’s website, the two winners appear to be Sam Houston (55.90% to 44.09%) and Linda Yanez (51.44% to 48.55%). (( Those are the statistics as of 10:30 this morning with 99.81% of precincts reporting. )) Both of those margins of victory stayed fairly constant between early voting and election-day results, unlike the top contest on the ballot. Approximately two million voters scrolled down to cast a vote in these primaries for Texas Supreme Court seats, which is (predictably) somewhat below the 2.85 million voters who cast a vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

There is a fleeting mention of these contests in the Houston Chronicle, the Statesman mentions Sam Houston’s victory, and the Associated Press has a story that briefly mentions the races. More links: The Galveston Daily News has a brief article, as does the Southeast Texas Record.