Yesterday was the filing deadline for the 2010 primary elections. After much speculation, we now have a final list of who is running for each seat on the Texas Supreme Court. (( To assemble this list, I looked at a Texas Republican Party candidate list, a Texas Democratic Party candidate list, and one published by the Texas Libertarian Party. Those lists are not official; some names may not appear on the ballots in March if state officials conclude that ballot requirements were not met. If you’re curious about other races, a database is being kept by the Texas Tribune. ))

The most crowded race is for the open seat being left by Justice O’Neill. The other contested primary is in Place 9, where new Justice Eva Guzman has a challenger in the Republican primary.

For updated information and links to learn more about each candidate, visit our 2010 Texas Supreme Court Elections page, which will be updated through Election Day.

Place 3 (open)

  • Jeff Brown (R)
    Justice, 14th Court of Appeals

  • Rick Green (R)

  • Debra Lehrmann (R)
    District Judge from Fort Worth

  • Jim Moseley (R)
    Justice, 5th Court of Appeals

  • Jim Sharp (D)
    Justice, 1st Court of Appeals

  • Rebecca Simmons (R)
    Justice, 4th Court of Appeals

  • Rick Strange (R)
    Justice, 11th Court of Appeals

  • William Strange (L) Attorney

Place 5 (Green)

  • Paul Green (R) Incumbent

  • Bill Moody (D) District Judge from El Paso

  • Tom Oxford (L) Attorney

Place 9 (Guzman)

  • Jack Armstrong (L) Attorney

  • Blake Bailey (D)

  • Eva Guzman (R)

  • Rose Vela (R)
    Justice, 13th Court of Appeals