The Court’s public calendar shows it to be observing the state holidays on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. ((The blog is also observing Christmas this week. There will be few or no additional postings between now and next week. I’d like to say that’s purely my own self-restraint, but it’s also a lack of internet access where I’m spending the holiday. This posting, if you’re wondering, was scheduled in advance.)) The calendar also indicates that the regular weekly order list will be issued on Friday, December 28th.At some point this week or next Monday, the Court should issue its formal order carrying the pending cases on its docket forward to its 2008 Term. ((A footnote for avid docket-watchers only: Although the state fiscal year runs from September 1st to the end of August, the Court’s term coincides with the calendar year. Texas Supreme Court practice thus diverges slightly from the U.S Supreme Court, which has a court term running from October 1st through the end of September (matching the federal fiscal year). A U.S. Supreme Court petition filed in February of next year will get a docket number beginning with “07-“, while a Texas Supreme Court petition filed the same day would get a docket number beginning with “08-“.))No oral arguments are scheduled until January 15, 2008.