This looks to be another slow holiday week at the Court. The Court’s public calendar indicates that it is open today but will be closed tomorrow in observance of New Year’s Day. Interestingly, the calendar also shows there will be no regularly scheduled orders this Friday, January 4th — one of the very few Fridays in the year without an order list. And no oral arguments are scheduled at the Court until January 15, 2008. ((It’s very possible that the Court might issue a batch of special orders today to beat the new year, and it’s at least as possible that they might issue orders on Friday. In either event, I will keep you posted.))

As 2007 ends, I also want to thank you for reading this blog. Launching the blog has been more enjoyable than I expected, and I’m really looking forward to covering the Court as its docket gets more active in the spring. In addition, I am working on some new features that I hope will be useful to you in your practice before the Court and other Texas courts. Thanks again, and Happy New Year!