The Texas Supreme Court has three days of argument scheduled this week.

The first is an “away game” at South Texas College of Law on Tuesday. The Court will be hearing argument in:

  • Whirlpool Corp. v. Camacho, No. 08-0175, out of Corpus Christi-Edinburg (Osler preview) (DB)

  • Yamada v. Friend, No. 08-0262, out of Fort Worth (Osler preview) (DB)

On Wednesday, the Court will be back in Austin to hear arguments in:

  • Timpte Industries, Inc. v. Gish, No. 08-0043, out of Amarillo (DB)

  • State Office of Risk Management v. Lawton, No. 08-0363, out of Waco (DB)

  • Allison v. Commission for Lawyer Discipline, No. 08-0705 (DB)

And on Thursday the Court will hear arguments in:

  • Waffle House, Inc. v. Williams, No. 07-0205, out of Fort Worth (DB)

  • Intercontinental Group Partnership v. KB Home Lone Star, L.P., No. 07-0815, out of Corpus Christi-Edinburg (DB)

  • MBM Financial Corp. v. The Woodlands Operating Co., No. 08-0390, out of Beaumont (DB)

Articles from the Past Week

In last Friday’s order list, the Texas Supreme Court handed down one decision. The Court did not grant any new petitions for review.

It did, however, request full briefing in a case about recusal of probate judges.