This week, the Court’s calendar again reflects no activity other than the regular Friday order list.

As has been noted elsewhere, mid-summer is often a quiet time on the Court’s calendar, as the current group of clerks winds down and the Justices have some less structured time before gearing up again in the fall. The Court makes up for this in August, however, with substantial order lists and a traditional burst of opinions just before the end of the fiscal year. (( The Office of Court Administration, which keeps efficiency statistics for Texas courts, generally uses the fiscal year to measure performance. ))

Articles from the Past Week

  • Order List for 7-11-2008. Four decisions this week: City of Waco v. Lopez, No. 06-0089; David J. Sacks, P.C. v. Haden, No. 07-0472 and the related opinion in David J. Sacks, P.C. v. Haden, 04-0487 (per curiam); and Sells v. Drott, No. 07-0848 (per curiam).

    Other coverage: Jeff Rambin of the Tyler Appeals blog has a short post about Sells v. Drott. The Texas Appellate Law Blog has its own summary of the order list.

  • Cases in the News 7-8-2008