This week, the Court holds its first oral arguments of the Term.

The arguments will be videocast live by St. Mary’s law school. That same page also links to summaries of the issues in each case prepared by the Court’s public information officer.


  • Badiga v. Lopez, No. 05-0801

  • Dynegy Midstream Services, L.P. v. Apache Corp., No. 07-0043

  • In re Labatt Food Service, L.P., No. 07-0419


  • City of Pasadena v. Smith, No. 06-0948. The Court recently granted argument time in this case to the Texas Solicitor General’s Office.

  • Franka v. Velasquez, No. 07-0131

  • Smith v. O’Donnell, No. 07-0697


  • Retamco Operating, Inc. v. Republic Drilling Co., No. 07-0599

  • Marks v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hosp., No. 07-0783

  • Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc. v. McDaniel, No. 07-0787

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