Here’s what is on the Court’s calendar for this week:

  • Conference (Tuesday/Wednesday): This is the Court’s last private conference scheduled for the fiscal year. I would expect the focus to be on finalizing opinions, especially in older pending cases.

  • Weekly Orders List (Friday): This one could be busy.

Briefing Requests

If you’ve been reading the sports pages, you might have heard that the Texas Supreme Court released at least one new briefing request. You might not have seen the whole list of recent requests on August 19th.

Among the other requests, the Court asked for briefing in the Austin Court’s same-sex divorce cases, which follow the request earlier this month for briefing about the Dallas Court’s case.

The Zoopreme Court

I might be late to the party, but I just discovered The Zoopreme Court, caricatures of U.S. Supreme Court justices and leading cases that aim to fulfill the promise of “equal justice under paws.”

You can start with the classic Otter Stewart or you might prefer the more Texas-themed John Paul Steervens.