Possible federal suit over FLDS

The Star-Telegram has an article titled “Polygamist sect to sue government officials over raid.” The article suggests that some members of the group may seek damages to pay for counseling for children or for property damage.

The article has some mention of strategy and sovereign immunity, but (at least through the filter of a newspaper article) it sounded like a federal civil-rights suit was in the works.

Abbott v. Abbott

The Houston Chronicle has noticed that the AG’s office represents state agencies who challenge open records determinations — which, by statute, are made by a different branch of the AG’s office.

A piece by Rick Casey focuses on a recent TCEQ suit arguing that it need not disclose certain information to a state legislator. The piece aims most of its fire at TCEQ’s position on open records than at the AG’s office for representing both sides, but there’s a little collateral damage.

There is a similar dual-representation situation in the pending petition Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts v. Attorney General of Texas, No. 08-0172. Both sides were dissatisfied with this court of appeals ruling and are seeking review. Responses to the two petitions have just been filed.