Here are some of the decisions from this week’s orders list that have made the newspapers (or at least have been picked up by my Google alerts):

The blog 600commerce, which focuses on cases from the Dallas Court of Appeals, has a summary of U-Haul International, Inc. d/b/a U-Haul, U-Haul Co. of Texas... v. Talmadge Waldrip, Bernice Waldrip, Dinah Simington..., No. 10-0781

Craig Estlinbaum (who blogs at Adjunct Law Prof Blog) writes about Enbridge Pipelines (East Texas) L.P. v. Avinger Timber, LLC, No. 10-0950 . His post is “Supreme Court of Texas Applies Value-to-the-Taker Rule in Condemnation Case”, discussing the Court’s decision to exclude both sides’ expert witnesses about valuation of a piece of rural land.

Bob Mabry, who focuses on the Ninth Court in Beaumont at the blog Courts and Writing, has a post about the civil-commitment case In re Commitment of Michael Bohannan, No. 10-0605 .

The Statesman writes that “Austin prevails in long-running legal dispute over downtown property” regarding City of Austin v. Harry M. Whittington, et al., No. 10-0316

KUT reports on the same case: “Whittington Loses (Again), But Says He’s Not Done”

The Statesman also notes “Texas high court hands victory to Austin architect in liability case” about the petition denial in Lou Ann Smith and Jimmy Jackson Smith, individually and as next friend of Rachel and Grayson Smith v. Black+Vernooy Architects, J. Sinclair Black and D. Andrew Vernooy, No. 11-0731

Some older stories

Here are a few of the other stories that accumulated on my desk in August: