On February 21st, I’ll be on a panel about what law students and new attorneys should consider about blogging (or writing for similar platforms) as they start to build their professional identities. My co-panelists are Emily Frost of Austin, Erin Gilmer of Austin, and Valarie Hogan of very far from Austin. Lisa Salazar will be moderating.

This is part of the Ms. JD conference “Passion Forward”.

Friday’s events include two other breakout panels (one on social media, one on community involvement), and a small-group workshop to help participants turn their abstract professional-development ideas into more concrete plans.

On Saturday, Ms. JD is co-hosting a “Women’s Law Institute” with UT’s Center for Women in Law, featuring a distinguished list of speakers and participating mentors.

The registration for both days is being coordinated through this page. The Friday sessions are reasonably priced, and the Saturday program is free.