I saw the news on Twitter, and then refreshed the Governor’s press release page until I found official confirmation:

Congratulations to Justice Hecht, who has been a fixture at the Court for the length of my career. He was elected to the Court in 1988. By the time I was a law clerk (1999-2000), he was already the Court’s most senior member — and he’s been there even longer since.

He will serve as Chief Justice beginning October 1st, when Chief Justice Jefferson’s resignation becomes effective. Although Justice Hecht won reelection to a six-year term last fall, Chief Justice is a different ballot position, so he will have to stand for election again in November 2014. That will be for a six-year term.

The next task for the Governor will be choosing a replacement for Justice Hecht. That appointee will also stand for election next November, for the four years remaining on the term for Justice Hecht’s current seat.