After a busy order list last Friday, the Court’s calendar is quiet this week. Any activity will show up on this Friday’s regular order list.

Briefing Requests

Last Friday, the Court requested briefing in some of the oldest pending petitions on the docket — a set of related cases out of the Dallas Court in which public employees sought to compel higher benefit payments, an issue addressed (at least in part) in Friday’s decision in City of El Paso v. Heinrich, No. 06-0778 (DB).

The new briefing requests came in City of Dallas v. Albert, No. 07-0284 (DB), City of Dallas v. Barber, No. 07-0285 (DB), City of Dallas v. Arredondo, No. 07-0286 (DB), City of Dallas v. Willis, No. 07-0287 (DB), City of Dallas v. Martin, No. 07-0288 (DB), and City of Dallas v. Parker, No. 07-0289 (DB).

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