In re H.V.

The Court’s juvenile-justice case In re H.V. was, as the opinion acknowledges, a first for the Court. It also marks a “first” for this blog — the first time I’ve been able to link to a blog post by one of the arguing counsel.

Shawn Matlock practices criminal-defense law in Fort Worth and blogs about it. Here’s how he concludes his summary of the background of In re H.V.:

The State sought review by the Supreme Court, and almost exactly one year ago to the day (April 12, 2007 actually) the case was argued before the Court. David Curl argued the case for the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, and the juvenile was represented by a handsome, brilliant young attorney. Me.

His post goes on to discuss the case. The Court reversed in part and affirmed in part, suppressing the testimony but permitting the physical evidence to be used. Understandably, H.V.’s counsel’s view of the opinion is equally divided.

Other coverage: Houston Chronicle’s Texas Politics Blog

Quote of the Week

“[Jim] Ho, who will assume his duties as solicitor general when Cruz leaves, jokes, ‘I would say I have huge shoes to fill but for the fact that Ted [Cruz] wears boots.'” from Tex Parte.

Both Texas Lawyer and the Texas Bar Journal have now mentioned the “black ostrich cowboy boots.”.

More comprehensive coverage (of Jim and Ted, but not the boots): Above the Law.


… to Dallas’s Catharina Haynes. who has been confirmed to the Fifth Circuit.

The Dallas Morning News article is here. (( It includes an almost obligatory “critics say…” paragraph:

The American Bar Association rated her “well qualified.” But some liberal groups criticized her, noting that in eight years as a judge, she presided solely over civil cases, handled no constitutional conflicts and wrote no opinions, making it hard to assess her legal views.

As best I can see, that criticism is that Judge Haynes served as a state district judge in the Texas system. If that was the debate, it’s really no surprise that her confirmation came by voice vote. ))

If I’m reading this page on the Senate website correctly, she is the first circuit judge to be confirmed in 2008.