This will be the second election cycle for SCOTXblog.

To help readers follow and make sense of the Texas Supreme Court campaigns, I’ve added a page about the 2010 Texas Supreme Court Elections through a link on the menu bar.

I will be adding new resources and links as I get them. As always, I appreciate anything helpful you want to bring to my attention.

SCOTXblog Candidate Q&A

I’m also considering a SCOTXblog Candidate Q&A, giving each Texas Supreme Court candidate the chance to answer a few questions with the results printed here.

My plan is to ask questions that might say something about the candidates’ approach to deciding cases — the types of questions we lawyers ask new judges as soon as they’ve been elected. Why not ask them now?

If you have thoughts about this idea, or a favorite question you’d like to see answered, please leave a comment or send me a private email.