The TexParte blog has posted excerpts from an internal court email about a subject well known to anyone who has clerked on the Texas Supreme Court in the past two decades — Justice Hecht’s car.

For his entire tenure on the Court, Justice Hecht has driven the same 1984 Caprice Classic, which at various times became the subject of gentle humor from the staff. (At one point, I’m told, the staff affixed a set of spinning rims to the car to try to spruce it up.) And I either did not know or had forgotten that the car had been named “Rocinante”.

According to TexParte’s source, the car made it to “234,654.7 miles”, which is a very respectable distance. The 1984 model car was perhaps built in 1983, which would make it the same age as some of the Court’s incoming briefing attorneys.