New Menu

This week the Court has rolled out the first public part of the TAMES system, its docket pages and the search window you use to reach them.

The new format for docket pages includes electronic versions of motions and orders, as well as an impressive amount of detail about things like which dates attorneys are listing on vacation letters. (( I don’t think there will be a Please Rob Me competitor for Texas attorneys, but you never know. ))

The case search window allows you to filter by characteristics such as county, court of appeals, or even attorney name. Let the vanity searches begin…

The window includes an option to “Exclude Inactive Cases.” Based on some poking around, it looks like TAMES draws that line exactly where DocketDB does — when a case file has been closed and stored.

A glimpse of things to come is at the bottom of this new menu, with an option to see “Causes Set for Oral Argument.” The page displays a list of upcoming arguments, linked back to the Court’s docket information.

Causes for Submission Page