The folks at Cowles & Thompson have a new blog covering state and federal cases of interest to Texas lawyers. It’s called Reverse and Render.


It’s good to have more voices in the conversation about Texas law, and I look forward to pointing my readers to interesting articles that appear on Reverse and Render.

If you’re interested in joining this larger conversation, there are of course consultants who will set up a blank blog for you. (( One such consultant (LexBlog) set up the sites for Reverse and Render, Todd Smith’s Texas Appellate Law Blog, and for Jeff Rambin’s Tyler Appeals Blog. )) It’s also possible to set up your own site, if you have the time and some interest in the the technology behind blogging. (I’d be happy to advise people about this latter path. I don’t know as much about the paid consultants.)

If you want to start a little slower — and don’t want the pressure of having to make new posts on an ongoing basis — you might consider a “guest post” on an existing blog. I’d be happy to entertain any short articles that would be of interest to Texas practitioners. If you have an idea for a guest post, just let me know.