Today’s orders list was extensive, with opinions handed down in eight cases, ten cases granted for oral argument this fall, and a large number of petition denials (including those that had advanced to the “briefing on the merits” stage and were thus considered at a full conference).

That’s too much for one blog post.

Opinions issued

You can click on these to reach each separate opinion. Summaries to follow.

If you’re keeping score at home, Justice Boyd — with three pure concurring opinions and one concurring/dissenting opinion today — is making a strong push to be the Justice with the most separate opinions this term. (My running totals are here.)


The Court granted review in the two “gay divorce” cases (previous blog post) that have been pending on its docket, setting an argument date of November 5, 2013:

The Court also formally accepted the certified question in the mortgage modification case I blogged about earlier this week, as well as another certified question about how to allocate settlement funds among multiple beneficiaries and an intervening insurance carrier:

Other cases granted: