With today’s otherwise quiet orders list, the Texas Supreme Court announced its fall argument calendar for September and October.


September 14, 2010

  • Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International, Inc. and Anglo-Dutch (Tenge) L.L.C. v. Greenberg Peden, P.C. and Gerard J. Swonke, No. 08?0833 (DDB) (Justice Guzman not sitting)

  • Offshore Specialty Fabricators, Inc., et al. v. Wellington Underwriting Agencies, Ltd., et al., No. 08?0890 (DDB)

  • Hyde Park Baptist Church v. Tara Turner and Terry Curtis, Individually and As Next Friends of P.C., a Minor, No. 09?0191 (DDB)

September 15, 2010

  • American Home Assurance Company and Illinois National Insurance Company v. Maryland Casualty Company, No. 09?0226 (DDB) [moved to Nov. 9, 2010] (( The Texas Supreme Court granted a motion to reset this argument date with its August 6, 2010 orders. ))

  • XTO Energy Inc. v. Smith Production Inc., No. 09?0270 (DDB) (Justice Guzman not sitting)

  • Betty Yvon Lesley, et al. v. Veterans Land Board of the State of Texas (VLB), et al., No. 09?0306 (DDB) (Chief Justice Jefferson not sitting)

September 16, 2010

  • In re Joseph Charles Rubiola a/k/a J.C. Rubiola, Gregory Allan Rubiola, Catherine Rubiola, JGL Design-Build, Llc a/k/a JGL Design Build and Michael Cortez, Individually and d/b/a the Heights Design and Construction, No. 09?0309 (DDB)

  • Aaron Glenn Haygood v. Margarita Garza De Escabedo, No. 09?0377 (DDB)

  • Marsh USA Inc. and Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. v. Rex Cook, No. 09?0558 (DDB)


October 12, 2010

  • Reid Road Municipal Utility District No. 2 v. Speedy Stop Food Stores, Ltd., No. 09?0396 (DDB) (Justice Guzman not sitting)

  • Esperanza Andrade, in Her Official Capacity As Secretary of State for the State of Texas v. NAACP of Austin, Nelson Linder, Sonia Santana and David Van Os, No. 09?0420 (DDB)

  • In re Coy Reece, No. 09?0520 (DDB)

October 13, 2010

  • Jeremy Molinet v. Patrick Kimbrell, M.D. and John Horan, M.D., No. 09?0544 (DDB)

  • James Derwood Iliff v. Jerilyn Trije Iliff, No. 09?0753 (DDB)

  • The City of Houston v. Steve Williams, et al., No. 09?0770 (DDB)

October 14, 2010

  • Jose Carreras, M.D., P.A. v. Carlos Francisco Marroquin, et al., No. 09?0857 (DDB)

  • In re Mark A. Jacobs, M.D., Debra C. Gunn, M.D. and Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates, P.A., No. 09?0942 (DDB)

  • Patrick O. Ojo, on Behalf of Himself and All Others Similarly Situated v. Farmers Group, Inc.; Fire Underwriters Association; Fire Insurance Exchange; Farmers Underwriters Association; Farmers Insurance Exchange, No. 10?0245 (DDB)