With today’s order list, the Court set six new cases for argument, filling out its February argument sitting in the process.

Set for February 17, 2010

The Texas Supreme Court was already scheduled to hear oral argument in In re Texas Attorney, No. 09-0277 [more info], a case about the internal workings of Texas’s attorney-discipline system.

With today’s order list, the Court adds:

  • The Travelers Insurance Company (The Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford Connecticut) v. Barry Joachim, No. 08-0941 [more info]. Is a nonsuit with prejudice, issued after a trial court dismisses for want of prosecution, considered a final judgment for purposes of res judicata?

  • The Edwards Aquifer Authority and the State of Texas v. Burrell Day and Joel McDaniel, No. 08-0964 [more info]. Ownership of the groundwater in the Edwards Acquifer.

Set for February 18, 2010

  • Michael T. Jelinek, M.D. and Columbia Rio Grande Healthcare, L.P. v. Franciso Casas and Alfredo DeLeon, Jr., as personal representatives of the Estate of Eloisa Casas, Deceased, No. 08?1066 [more info]. Medical-malpractice expert report.

  • State of Texas v. K.E.W., No. 09?0236 [more info]. Involuntary commitment.

  • In re Columbia Valley Healthcare System, L.P., d/b/a Valley Regional Medical Center, No. 08-0995 [more info]. When a legal assistant who had merely administrative duties switches firms, do they disqualify their new firm from acting as counsel?

Set for March 23, 2010

  • In re Olshan Foundation Repair Company, LLC and Olshan Foundation Repair Company of Dallas, Ltd., Nos. 09-0432 [more info], 09?0433 [more info], 09?0474 [more info], and 09-0703 [more info], consolidated for argument. Scope of arbitration between a homeowner and homebuilder, including a question whether the homeowners showed that arbitration would be unsconscionable in this case because of the costs.