With this week’s orders list, the Court did not issue any opinions or choose any new cases for future argument.

Earlier this week, the Court heard its third group of oral arguments this term, including two that are attracting some press attention:

Programming note

Due to some changes in how the Court’s website presents the official docket information, my scrapers are now very confused. The edits look small to humans. For example, where docket entries for many years have said “Petition for review filed,” they now say “Petition for Review.” And so on. But my scrapers were tuned to the Court’s old data format, and that old predictable format was used to compute a petition’s current “stage” — which fed through most of my data.

The opinion and voting data should remain unchanged. But my list of currently pending petitions is quite thoroughly broken. (As I write, that page shows only 9 cases at the petition stage, all of which are parental termination matters.)

My hope is that this is a short outage. But until I dig into the data and see what is involved in a fix, I can’t make any promises.