The Court did not issue weekly orders today. The last orders were issued on December 22, 2011.

There was something interesting in that last list. The Court resolved two motions asking it to re-set an oral argument date. In one, it granted the motion. In the other, it denied the motion.

In Ashford Partners, Ltd. v. Eco Resources, Inc., No. 10-0615, the Court denied a motion by the Respondents to move the argument date from February 8, 2011. The order list does not explain in more detail, but it does note that Justices Medina and Guzman “would grant the motion to reset oral argument”. There was at least some contention within the Court about how to proceed.

I haven’t seen a copy of the motion in Ashford Partners, but I’m curious what grounds were advanced.

Meanwhile, in In re E.R., No. 11-0282, the Court granted a request to move the argument date to February 28, 2012. The argument had originally been scheduled for February 9, 2012 — the Court’s sitting in the courtroom at the University of Texas school of law.