The Texas Supreme Court released two decisions with today’s order list. The Court also granted review in two other cases.

It may have been “Oilfield Day” at the Court, with both of today’s decisions connected to the drilling industry. One decides what happens when a single lease that is part of a pooling arrangement expires. The other decides which law applied to a particular oilfield accident that occurred in Louisiana. Justice Brister wrote both opinions, both for unanimous courts.

I’ll have some thoughts on these cases in a later post, either this afternoon or this weekend.

Two New Petitions Granted

The Court granted two petitions for review with today’s orders. Both of these cases have been scheduled for oral argument on January 13, 2009.

  • Louis M. Ditta, Guardian of the Estate of Doris L. Conte v. Susan C. Conte and Joseph P. Conte, Jr., No. 07-1026, from the First Court of Appeals. (Briefs and COA opinion linked on DocketDB)

  • City of Waco v. Debra Kirwan, Individually and as Representative of the Estate of Brad McGehee, No. 08-0121, from the Waco Court. (Briefs and COA opinion linked on DocketDB)