Today the Court released its argument calendar for a sitting on September 9th, 10th, and 11th. (Here’s the order list.)

The Court seems to have largely followed its practice of assigning cases to argument dates based on the order in which they were granted. (( More argument settings should be coming soon. I would expect the other pending “Granted” cases to be assigned argument dates after the Court returns next week. )) (Tanner v. Nationwide Mutual, No. 07-0760, was granted in March, but it’s not on this list.) If the Court holds to form, the arguments on each day should start at 9:00 a.m. with the lowest docket number and work their way up.

Tuesday, September 9th

S. Murthy Badiga, M.D. v. Maricruz Lopez, No. 05‑0801

Dynegy Midstream Services, L.P. and Versado Gas Processors, LLC v. Apache Corp., No. 07‑0043

In re Labatt Food Service. L.P., No. 07‑0419

Wednesday, September 10th

City of Pasadena, Texas v. Richard Smith, No. 06‑0948

John Christopher Franka, M.D. and Nagakrishna Reddy, M.D. v. Stacey Velasquez and Saragosa Alaniz, Both Individually and as Next Friends of Their Minor Child, Saragosa Mario Alaniz, No. 07‑0131

Paul H. Smith, et al. v. Thomas O’Donnell, Executor of the Estate of Corwin Denney, No. 07‑0697

Thursday, September 11th

Retamco Operating, Inc. v. Republic Drilling Co., No. 07‑0599

Irving W. Marks v. St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, No. 07‑0783

Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Inc. and Michael Sims v. Janice McDaniel and Patrick McDaniel, No. 07‑0787