As expected from the conference schedule, there were no grants in today’s orders. The Court did issue two decisions — one very deeply divided, the other unanimous. I’ll write more about the divided decision in Igal later.



  • Igal v. Brightstar Information Technology Group, Inc. (No. 04-0931).

    The Court affirms the court of appeals’ judgment.
    Justice Wainwright delivered the opinion of the Court as to Parts I, II, III, IV.A, IV.B.2, and V, in which Justice Green, Justice Johnson, Justice Willett, and Justice McCoy joined, and an opinion as to Part IV.B.1, in which Justice Green, Justice Johnson, and Justice Willett joined.
    Justice Brister delivered a dissenting opinion, in which Chief Justice Jefferson, Justice O’Neill, and Justice Medina joined.
    (Justice Bob McCoy sitting by appointment pursuant to section 22.005 of the Texas Government Code)
    (Justice Hecht not sitting)

  • Morales v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (No. 05-0754)

    The Court reverses the court of appeals’ judgment and remands the case to the trial court.
    Justice O’Neill delivered the opinion of the Court.