The Texas Supreme Court is about to start its first argument sitting of the fall. The cases set for argument are listed below; you can watch live webcasts (or archived videos) of these oral arguments through this link.

The SCOTXblog coverage of these arguments will be getting off to a slow start. I am attending today’s arguments in my capacity as counsel not as a blogger (I’m on the briefs in one case), and tomorrow morning I have a conflicting oral argument in a different court.

Two cases that deserve note are DPS v. Cox Newsapers (to be argued Wednesday) about whether the Governor’s security detail’s travel receipts are protected from disclosure or are public information, and March USA, Inc. v. Cook (to be argued Thursday) about what consideration from an employer is needed to support a covenant not to compete against an employee.

September 14, 2010

  • Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International, Inc. and Anglo-Dutch (Tenge) L.L.C. v. Greenberg Peden, P.C. and Gerard J. Swonke, No. 08?0833 (DDB) (Justice Guzman not sitting)

  • Offshore Specialty Fabricators, Inc., et al. v. Wellington Underwriting Agencies, Ltd., et al., No. 08?0890 (DDB)

  • Hyde Park Baptist Church v. Tara Turner and Terry Curtis, Individually and As Next Friends of P.C., a Minor, No. 09?0191 (DDB)

September 15, 2010

  • Betty Yvon Lesley, et al. v. Veterans Land Board of the State of Texas (VLB), et al., No. 09?0306 (DDB) (Chief Justice Jefferson not sitting)

  • Texas Department of Public Safety v. Cox Texas Newspapers, L.P., and Hearst Newspapers, L.L.C., No. 09-0530 (DDB) (Justice Medina and Justice Willett not sitting)

September 16, 2010

  • In re Joseph Charles Rubiola a/k/a J.C. Rubiola, Gregory Allan Rubiola, Catherine Rubiola, JGL Design-Build, Llc a/k/a JGL Design Build and Michael Cortez, Individually and d/b/a the Heights Design and Construction, No. 09?0309 (DDB)

  • Aaron Glenn Haygood v. Margarita Garza De Escabedo, No. 09?0377 (DDB)

  • Marsh USA Inc. and Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. v. Rex Cook, No. 09?0558 (DDB)