With today’s orders list, the Texas Supreme Court did not issue any opinions or accept any new cases for review.

The Court did grant motions to participate in oral argument by amicus curiae in two cases:

  • Anglo-Dutch Petroleum International, Inc. and Anglo-Dutch (Tenge) L.L.C. v. Greenberg Peden, P.C. and Gerard W. Swonke, No. 08-0833 (DDB). There were two amici in this case, both supporting the petitioner. My guess (and it’s just a guess) is that the argument time is for Professor Linda S. Eads of SMU (her brief) was wrong — the argument time is actually for the other amicus, the firm of Abrams Scott & Bickley, L.L.P.

  • James Derwood Iliff v. Jerilyn Trije Iliff, No. 09-0753 (DDB). In this case to be argued in October about calculating child support when a parent chooses a career that pays less than their maximum earning potential (see this earlier post), the Office of the Attorney General has been permitted argument time.