In March 2010, Rick Green surprised many by finishing first in a six-way race for the Republican nomination for an open Texas Supreme Court seat, forcing a runoff with Debra Lehrmann. In April 2010, Lehrmann won the runoff and serves on the Court today.

Last week, roughly a year after the April 2010 runoff, Rick Green filed a libel suit against several political detractors (including former Chief Justice Phillips and the Texas Association of Realtors), as well as the Texas Tribune and one of its reporters.

The original petition, filed in Hays County, contends that:

A damaged reputation and impressions and opinions of distrust, dishonesty and a lack of ethics and integrity has likely resulted in voters not voting for Green and in many people across Texas and the nation not wanting to have anything to do with Green.

Hat tip: Tex Parte Blog (Texas Lawyer)