This Thursday and Friday, the State Bar is holding its Advanced Civil Appellate Practice Course (which has generated the mouthful of a Twitter hashtag #advcivapp10).

Three of the programs are specific to the Texas Supreme Court:

  • Thursday at 9:40, Pam Baron will be presenting a talk near to my heart, “Supreme Court Trends and Statistics.” (( When speaking about Texas Supreme Court cases, it’s always nicer to have the Thursday speaking slot — no one expects you to have already digested the Friday morning orders. ))

  • On Friday afternoon, former Justice Brister will be presenting the formal Texas Supreme Court update at 1:00.

  • That will be followed by a panel discussion with Chief Justice Jefferson, Justice Hecht, Justice Johnson, and Justice Guzman at 1:30 (with former Justice Hankinson moderating).

I enjoyed the conference last year, and I’m sorry to miss it this year. (I’m leaving in the morning to visit family out of state. Luckily or not, they have internet access, so don’t be too surprised to get a blog post on Friday.)