The Court issued opinions in six cases with today’s order list, granted another petition for review for future oral argument, and invited the Solicitor General to file a brief in a pending case. The Court also denied rehearing in Entergy.

Today’s opinions were in:

Case summaries to follow.

Entergy Rehearing Denied

The statutory interpretation case everyone loves to hate now appears to be over. With today’s order list, the Court denied the pending motion for rehearing in Entergy Gulf States, Inc. v. Summers, No. 05-0272 (DocketDB).

Petition Granted

The Court granted the petition for review in Kelly v. General Interior Construction, Inc., No. 08-0669 (DocketDB), a case about personal jurisdiction over corporate officers who travel to the state in that capacity.


And the Court requested the views of the solicitor general in City of Dallas v. VSC, LLC, No. 08-0265 (DocketDB). The court of appeals opinion explains the circumstances. The city took possession of certain cars held by a towing company, arguing that it had the right to seize those cars under other law (such as the use of a car in a felony). The towing company asserted a takings claim. The city responded that it was not exercising its eminent domain powers but rather other sources of law.

The Dallas Court sided with the towing company. A petition for review was filed, and full briefing on the merits was completed in March. Now the Texas Supreme Court has asked the State to weigh in, through the Office of the Solicitor General.