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2010 Texas Supreme Court Elections

It’s official: the 2010 Texas Supreme Court election results are in.

Justices of the Texas Supreme Court are elected in normal, partisan elections to six-year terms.

This year’s Texas primary fell on March 2, 2010, with two contested races (both within the Republican Party). In Place 9, Justice Guzman, the incumbent appointed late last year, won her party’s nomination.

Place 3 was a six-way contest in which no candidate obtained a majority of the primary vote. The top two vote-getters — former state representative Rick Green of Dripping Springs and Judge Debra Lehrmann of Fort Worth — went to a runoff on April 13, 2010.

In a close runoff, Lehrmann won 51.8% of the vote to Green’s 48.7% to take the Republican nomination for Place 3. My writeup of that result is here. Lehrmann was subsequently appointed to fill Justice O’Neill’s seat until the election.

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We also had Q&As with two other candidates who were eliminated from the race on March 2, 2010. I’ll try to get some more information from all the candidates before the November general election.

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